Throughout the grooming process your dog will be treated as if it was our own, our priority is always the dog's health and well-being. We are happy to take things slower and reassure nervous dogs. We will provide as many breaks and cuddles as we feel your dog needs so they enjoy their time with us as much as possible!
Services include:
happy customer
Full groom

Warm bath

Turbo dry

Clipping and scissoring

Nail trimming

Ear cleaning and plucking


We try our best to make the process as stress free and enjoyable as possible for your dog.

When you arrive we will ask you a few basic questions regarding your dog and its requirements. We will then spend a few minutes getting to know and making friends with your dog until they are happy to stay. People generally drop their dog off and then come back to collect him/her at an agreed time, We find that when owners stay dogs can sometimes become more stressed trying to get to their owner when being groomed therefore making the process longer and more stressful.

bath time for Bella!Your dog will be fully brushed out before its bath. Any very matted areas will usually be clipped or cut out if removing them by brushing will cause stress or discomfort to the dog. We will then clean your dog's ears and pluck if necessary. Your dog will be washed using quality shampoo and conditioners designed to suit your dogs coat/skin. Flea rinse is available if requested. We are also happy to bath your dog in shampoo provided by your vet if you wish.

Your dog will then be dried with a blaster and dryer. This also helps remove excess dead hair from the coat. We will however use a smaller handheld dryer for nervous dogs.

Your dog will then be clipped or scissor cut to a style that suits your requirements and the dog's lifestyle, whether this is breed standard or not. Cross breeds are welcome and a suitable style can be agreed.

Finally I will clip your dog's nails and apply some doggy cologne.

The amount of time required to groom your dog will depend upon the length and condition of the dogs coat as well as its behaviour, however most dogs take between 1.5 - 3 hours.